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New York City is a growing town; on Babylon City Tours, you will learn all about the history of this lovely place. The tour guides on Babylon City Tours are fun and educated to introduce you to the magnificent Lower Manhattan and Midtown areas to show you what the city is all about. There are many historical sites located all over the city, but with Babylon City Tours, you will get to experience Bowling Green and Castile Clinton in Battery Park. You’ll learn all about George Washington and Alexander Hamilton, as well as the Charging Bull that became the symbol for Wall Street and the NYSE. The modern architecture all over the city is just magnificent; make sure to look up a bit. On the tour, you will visit the firefighters’ memorial from 9/11, and then check out Midtown where you will see postcard-perfect sites all around you.

The New York Public Library is quite the site to check out, as well as the Empire State Building. There are interesting things to see all over New York; make sure to ask your tour guide what places might be enjoyable to check out on your own once the tour has ended. The Brooklyn Brewery Tours offers free tours on the weekend; it’s a neat place to visit. Make sure to take your time to breathe in Central Park because it is a magnificent place to capture in your heart from the trees and people all around you; take a moment to stop and enjoy the view. It is filled with free events all year round; there is never a dull moment in the middle of New York City. If you like art, check out Chelsea galleries for a gallery crawl. There is something for everyone when visiting New York City; make sure to plan a visit today.

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