Washington Your Life


Take a trip back in history on Babylon City Tours while they take you on a Smithsonian Museum Hop; see America’s past and future at the Museum of American History and Air and Space Museum. Washington City Tours does not disappoint; the tour guides will guide you through the Smithsonian’s most iconic museums of all time. You’ll get to hear the tale of the ragtag group of columnists that built one of the world’s most powerful countries; Babylon City Tours will help you explore how the United States is excited about the future by discovering everything from early history of flight to the moon landings, and the Space Race. There is literally never a dull moment on this fun tour. Book your tour today to see a one-of-a-kind collection of items including the banner that inspired the country’s national anthem. See George Washington’s sword as well as Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. This amazing tour will help you understand the stormy history that has marked the United States of America.

The Air and Space Museum holds the Apollo 11 Command Module and real moon rocks. There are artifacts there that are out-of-this-world extraordinary. Buzz Aldrin’s space suit is on display, as well as moon boots and models of the International Space Station. The museum is quite amazing; it holds planes from the Wright Brother’s aircraft and the Spirit of St. Louis. Once the tour is over, check out some more amazing things at the U.S. National Arboretum’s Bonsai & Penjing Museum; it holds some bonsai trees that are nearly 400 years old. The museum also holds the former pillars that once supported the original U.S. Capitol Building. There is a lot of art to enjoy outdoors as well; the National Gallery of Art’s Sculpture Garden is exquisite. It also features an ice skating rink in the winter. If you like jazz; the park hosts Jazz in the Garden on Friday evenings in the summertime. Have a lovely visit.

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