London Awaits

London City Tour Westminster Guided Tour

London awaits you, so take London City Tours today to see this happy and beautiful city come to life. There are so many fun things to do and see, not to mention the amazing food all over the city. At Poppies, they have the most delectable fish and chips; it is in no comparison to other places in the world. If you would love to try something fancy, go to Hook in Camden; their fish is cooked to utter perfection, all while served with your choice of sea bass in a Cajun-spiced hake, or a lime, mint and wasabi batter. This fish will make your day. Check out the ‘end-of-the-pier oddities’ at Novelty Automation. It is Tim Hunkins’ whimsical collection of mechanical sculptures that are quirky, ironic, and truly original. Prepare to be charmed by this place. You’ll have to see it to understand. For all those night owls out there, make sure to get the full experience of late-night animal magic at London Zoo. It has exotic inhabitants. It first opened its doors in 1847. They even have wildlife sleepover for kids aged 7-11, which include things like storytelling, a torch lit tour of the zoo after dark, and awesome games. This is definitely a wild adventure if you’re up to it.

London City Tours can show you all of the wonderful spots to check out in London, such as Westminster, Hyde Park, the London Tower, and Hampstead. Be sure to step back and enjoy your time with family and friends as well. You can play footgolf in Chiswick; it’s basically soccer and golf mixed together (the holes are bigger, and you have a higher chance of winning if you learn this game right off the bat). It’s really quite amusing to play. Take a time warp at Dennis Severs’ House; it’s like being in a painting. Visitors will pass through its ‘still life drama,’ visiting each room to view the 18th-century silk weaver’s family life without ever meeting a soul. You’ll see a half-eaten dinner, a fire that still crackles, and a chamber pot that needs emptying. It’s quite the unique experience. Be sure to take London City Tours to experience a time like no other. Bring your family and friends too; they will love it.

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