Washington for Days


Discover and in depth History on a tour of Arlington Cemetery and Museum of American History with Babylon City Tours today. This 5 hour semi-private tour offers a very impressive comprehensive overview of the absolute essential Americana. The bright and delightful young guides on Babylon City Tours will show you the realities of war, as well as show you the beautiful tribute made to over 400,000 service members and their families that were buried at Arlington Cemetery. The grounds once belonged to General Robert E. Lee. While on Babylon City Tours, you will learn all about the famous tombs of President John F. Kennedy, military genius General William Sheridan, and soldier Audie Murphy. There are also tombs of the victims of the space shuttles Columbia and Challenger. Head inside once of Washington’s best museums: the National Museum of American History; it shares a unique collection of the banner that inspired the national anthem, as well as teach you about the first President, George Washington. You’ll get to view his sword as well as check out Dorothy’s rube red slippers. Some of the first ladies gowns are residing in this museum. This tour will help you understand the controversial history behind this monumental country.

Once the tour is over, experience Great Falls Park; the nature in incredible, and the falls are purely delightful. The cascading rapids are definitely a site that needs to be seen. If you get hungry, check out the Dupont Circle farmer’s market. This fresh farm market offers different foods from over 30 farmers, including meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, fish, and baked goods. Make sure to get a free sample. The hours of operation are 8:30am-1:30pm April through December, and 10am-1pm January through March. If you feel like taking a hike, make sure to stop through Rock Creek Park. It’s Washington’s ultimate outdoor mecca. It includes numerous trails for hiking, biking, and exploring. There are lovely picnic areas, riding stables, tennis courts, a nature center, and Pierce Mill (historical site). Have fun exploring this wonderful city.