New York Love

Check out the amazing Babylon City Tours where you’ll get to discover the magic of the city. On Babylon City Tours, the tour guides will bring you through to the Museum of Natural History where you’ll get to be awed by space rocks and dinosaurs. This museum holds some of the world’s most fascinating artifacts. There are 28 different buildings to check out; make sure to book your Babylon City Tours today. There are over 33 million different objects housed in the museum that show all of Earth’s history. Learn about the kind Roosevelt Routunda where you will see many prehistoric creatures all around. There are so many amazing dioramas that will let you explore the giant African mammals of the Akeley Hall. The dinosaur skeletons will be an incredible site to see; make sure to say hi to T-Rex. Babylon City Tours has a lot to offer; when on the museum tour, you’ll get to discover the mysteries of the cosmos.

Once the tour is finished, there is plenty to do to keep you busy in this great city; Radio City Music Hall for one has such beautiful architecture. Check out Little Italy; you’ll feel as though you are in a different country for a minute. The Statue of Liberty is a site to see, as well as Yankee Stadium if you like baseball games. For all the fun at night, go to Times Square where you will see all the magical lights surrounding you for days; it’s so beautiful and fun to be in that area. There are a lot of great zoos around the city, so make sure to say hi to all of the animals. New York City has so much to offer; make sure to plan a grand trip soon. Have fun.