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Amsterdam Tour Rijkmuseum Guided Museum Tour

Babylon City Tours has the best get-to-know-Amsterdam tour. If you really want to understand Amsterdam’s culture and history, take Babylon City Tours; the tour guides will provide you with detailed information on all of the museums and fun activities around the city, as well as so much more. Enjoy a nice tour of the Van Gogh Museum; it’s filled with the famous Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces. This Dutch artist was behind many self-portraits and the sunflower painting. The art pieces are quite the exquisite experience. You’ll get to learn about his stormy life all the way from Holland to France. View the exemplary canals and bridges while feeling lovely in the calm courtyards. There you will see images that look like they just came out of a postcard. Now would be the time to take out that camera. The tour guides have so much knowledge; they will share with you everything they know if you just ask.

While in Amsterdam, be sure to have a little fun after your tour; go sing karaoke at ‘The End.’ This karaoke bar is just waiting to show you the party world of Amsterdam. Make sure to take your friends. There are really fun dance parties in the city; ‘Sensation White’ is a party that takes place in the summer where you dress up all in white clothing. It is one of the largest stadiums in Amsterdam, and is quite the party. There is a great show at ‘Boom Chicago.’ It’s a mix of American and Dutch-baiting improv. Seth Meyers and Jason Sudeikis are members. You will definitely have quite the laugh at this easy going place. There are even fun workshops done weekly called “Easy Laughs.” If you like being on the water, be sure to rent out a small boat for your friends and family; there are many rental locations all over town that will provide you with a great boat to check out Amsterdam at its finest hour. Enjoy the city.