Discover the Paris Magic

Paris City Tour Notre-Dame Cathedral Guided Tour

Discover the Paris magic with Babylon City Tours. There are big tours and there are smaller private tours where you will never have more than 5 guests with you on your tour. Taking one of the popular tours on Babylon City Tours will tell you the whole story of the city and all of its beautiful art. Discover all the wonderful secrets this gorgeous city has to share by going on a grand Babylon City Tour today. You’ll get to wander the streets and museums, as well as skip the lines at the Lourve and Musee d’Orsay if you are on a smaller guided tour. A tour will take you way beyond just the Eiffel Tower; you will get to experience the Mona Lisa up close and personal, Monet, Van Gogh, and so much more. There are walking tours and museum tours. You can also combine the two to have the most wonderful Paris experience.

Louvre is the world’s most famous and most visited museum. It has art pieces from Ancient Greeks as well as Michelangelo. There are so many fun and lovely pieces to see all over this museum. Check out Notre Dame in all of its glory; you will get to see its iconic stained glass windows as well as the city’s oldest bridge. There are also beautiful gardens with the most elegant flowerbeds to see. The history of Paris will be so magical that you may not want to leave. There is a delightful Latin Quarter where you will see the most ancient Roman ruins. There are many old book shops where you can check out old literature and see the exquisite architecture that is centuries old. The magic of Paris will bring a light to your eye. Share this special city with a loved one. It will be a terrific vacation on Babylon City Tours.