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Paris is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people. There are exquisite boutiques all around, as well as lovely cafes that serve delicious baguettes with tea and so much more. Sometimes when Americans visit this lovely city, there are a few surprises sent their way; for example: men are more than likely going to be staring at women a lot, and it’s perfectly okay here. It will make the Paris woman not smile or make eye contact as much because they get enough attention already. If a woman looks nice, a man can admire her. A lot of newcomers think all of Paris smokes, but many Parisians have gotten the memo of how bad smoking is for the body, so there are less and less people smoking every year. It is completely socially acceptable to smoke, even from a young age, but smoking indoors is prohibited.

At the restaurants, you will find that the waiters will not always bring your check when you are done with the meal, so you need to blatantly ask for it. There are a few random stylish older women roaming the streets of Paris. You will find them wearing leather pants or thigh high boots. It’s considered fashionable for the older community. Women are also very rarely made up with a lot of make-up; the Parisian women have cultivated a natural look with the help of a great skincare regime and foundation. Many women will also not wear a bra, and it is completely normal to do this, as well as not show a lot of cleavage. Be very careful while walking, especially when it rains because sometimes gods are allowed to poop and nobody is forced to clean it up. Even though there are some interesting things you will see in Paris, it is definitely easy to fit in if that’s what you are going for. Enjoy the city in all its beauty. You won’t regret it. Have fun!

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