Paris is Cool

Paris is amazing! The shopping is an adventure in its own. You will see beauty at every corner of the city. Taking a nice stroll or a bike ride is a beautiful way to view this lovely place. If you really want to go shopping, make sure to do it before Sunday or Monday because the stores will often be closed until Monday night. Food stores will be open, so at least you can enjoy a lovely meal any time of the day. In The Marais area of Paris, the stores will usually be open on the weekend, but be prepared for crowds. The Parisians walk much differently than the rest of the world; they glide through crowds with ease. Most foreigners of Paris don’t realize this is how the people of Paris walk, so they end up bumping into people more often. Just go with the flow, and you will be just fine.

Kids in Paris tend to be a lot better behaved than American kids. By this happening, Parisians let their children have more freedom to wonder off, all while knowing that they will stay safe and not go too far away. While trying to shop for produce, make sure you don’t touch the produce; the salesperson will help you when it’s your turn. They will even ask when you plan to eat the product so they can choose the one with the correct ripeness. Once it’s your turn, you can have all the time in the world to decide what you’d like. It’s quite the interesting and helpful system. There are some parks that require you to stay off the grass; it is what keeps them looking so gorgeous. There are always other parks around the city that will let you have a picnic anytime. Remember that on the Metro lines, the doors to the train won’t open unless you press a button or lift a handle. If you don’t then you will be stuck on the train all day. It’s a unique and comforting city to explore and enjoy. Go have yourself a romantic adventure.

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