Travel While Working

When you love to travel but have to be stuck at work all the time, why not mix those two worlds together and get a job that allows you to actually travel and see the world. You would be surprised how many interesting jobs exist that will need you to travel. For instance, an executive assistant gets to play behind-the-scene roles in the life of a corporate executive or other high-powered professional. You will get to go on all of the business trips as well as have plenty of opportunities to see new places while you work. You’ll probably have to work up to that position, but it would be worth it. If you love to help people, being a field service engineer may be a good job for you because you’d basically be a traveling customer service representative. You would be the go-to person to help in anything customer related when it comes to the installation or malfunction of a product. Some of the company’s clients will be located all over the world, so you will get to travel to really interesting places.

For those of you that love your country, you could combine your love for traveling on top of that by being a Foreign Service worker. A U.S. diplomat is a Foreign Service worker, but there are many other career tracks that will allow you to meet and interact with foreign governments. Check out The U.S. Department of State to get more details. There will be plenty of opportunities to travel since there are more than 250 embassies around the world. Maybe you’d like to travel while making a difference in the world; being an international aid worker is that job. USAID is a great organization for that. You would visit struggling countries and help its residents recover from dire situations such as famine and natural disasters. The school background you’d need would be a field like agriculture, education, or health with a strong interest in social work. It’s quite the enlightening experience to be able to travel while helping others. If you love traveling, then seek a job that will bring you closer towards your passion.

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