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Washington DC has been a must-see destination for many tourists since time immemorial, and there are many agencies that offer interesting tour packages to Washington. The place is especially beautiful at night and operators offer guided tours that allow you to explore all those moments perfectly. The excursion will include the popular monuments and memorials and you can see these monuments lit up at night.

The tour guide will hop off with you at each stop to explain about the history of each and every attraction. The stops in night tour of Washington include:
•US Capitol building
•World War II Monument
•Lincoln Memorial
•Vietnam Memorial
•Jefferson Memorial
•Korean War Memorial
•Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
•FDR Memorial
•Iwo Jima Memorial
•The White House
The tour environment encourages you to ask questions and learn about the history of Washington DC while you enjoy the beauty. The interesting part here is that the tour guide will stay with you all the time, even when you get off the bus to have a closer look at the attractions.

Bags and carry items, other than small purses and camera bags, are strongly discouraged on the tour. You should not take larger bags with you, as these can be searched for security reasons and the service might be delayed or even denied. This is why it is important not to take larger bags with you on the tour.

Most tourists go for guided tours as it covers all the major attractions and monuments in Washington DC. In such a tour package, you can visit all the important places quickly and efficiently, especially when you do not have much time to spend in Washington but want to see all the major places and monuments there.

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