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You might assume that taking your kids to Paris during vacation is not that easy, and yes, Paris might not be an ideal city that offers a lot fun for your children. They might not like to wander through historical monuments, museums, and many other tourist spots that interest you, but still, there are a few exceptional spots which offer great fun for your kids. Here is what you could try out while in Paris with your kids.

Boat Cruise

A boat cruise through the canals is a must-do thing for any Paris traveler; and your children will find it exciting and entertaining too. Take your children on a boat cruise for at least one hour; let them sit in the front of the boat and wave to the people sitting on the banks of the canals.
An added advantage of canal ride is that it takes you across some of the most famous landmarks in Paris. You can easily decide on the landmarks and monuments you want to visit while you are travelling in the boat.


Children love to visit parks. Take your children to the amazing parks and gorgeous gardens in Paris. Children could play ball games, hide and seek, and many other fun games in these parks. You can also find a lot of natives with kids on holidays.
You can take your children to the Luxembourg garden, where they will get an opportunity to enjoy a pony ride, drive radio controlled boats, and spend plenty of time in the playground. You can also visit the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a children’s amusement park that offer numerous fun activities to kids.


If your children loved animals, then you should definitely take them to the Zoo de Vincennes, which was closed for a longer period for renovation and has just opened now. This zoo will offer an absolute treat to your kids. Zoo de Vince consists of over a thousand animals of approximately 130 different species.

Cité des Sciences

Cité des Sciences is a museum exclusively dedicated for kids. Many entertaining and educational activities are organized in Cité des enfants all round the year, which is located inside the museum. In addition to that, 3D movies about space and nature are also displayed inthis exceptional museum.

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