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Paris is so beautiful all year round. Being outside is a must if you are going to really enjoy the city’s surroundings. There are many fun activities to keep you busy while wandering around the beautiful Paris; you can go for a nice pony ride. In Paris it is very common to hear of a Parisian has rode on a pony at last once in their lifetime. They are all over the captain’s main gardens- Parc Monceau, Buttes Chaumont, Luxembourg, the Bois de Boulogne, and Bois de Vincennes. There was a goat car that started up in 1898. This day and age you will see little toddlers on the donkey or pony’s back riding slowly along the leafy lanes of the Tuileries. One really fun activity is rollerblading. It is best if you have good balance, but it’s fun to learn anyway. Rollerblading in Paris at night is exquisite. People travel all over the Paris boulevards on rollerblades. The police even had to make a special rollerblading force just to make sure the skaters were keeping in order after seeing so many wild rides. You can even get rollerblading insurance there in case you get hurt.

If you’ve never heard of punting, then Paris is the place to learn how to do it. It’s a cool canoe-like boat that you can just got in a lake and row yourself or watch the fish. Paris is known for having a lot of magnificent woods with beautiful lakes to see and enjoy. They have ducks there that you can feed baguettes to or see a cool temple that was mostly destroyed, but it shows a lot of history. If you are a bird lover, you will definitely enjoy the areas of lac Daumesnil, Bois de Vincennes, and the Rond-Point Dauphine. You will find so many fun and exciting activities to do in Paris that are way more fun just because you are in a beautiful city. Go out and enjoy the view. Live a little.

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