The History of Paris - City Center Guided Walking Tour – Semi-Private

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  • The History of Paris – City Center Guided Walking Tour – Semi-Private

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An excellent choice for first time visitors, this small group tour offers you a comprehensive overview of Paris while strolling along the Seine river, Paris’s main waterway. Our guides will take up to 10 guests on this 2.5 hour walking tour.



Beyond just viewing at the city’s iconic structures, you’ll learn the fascinating and oftentimes surprising stories of the city’s biggest players like Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XIV, and Henri IV. Enter the Notre Dame Cathedral and stroll the symmetric gardens of the Tuilieries. Learn about the famous Champs Elysées while standing where so many met their fate via the guillotine at Place de la Concorde. Our guides will share their insider tips and favorite places along the way, ensuring that you are well equipped to handle Paris all on your own by the end of the tour.

Highlights Generally Include: Notre-Dame Cathedral (tour will enter inside as well), Saint Michel Fountain, Pont-Neuf, Louvre Museum, Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Champs-Elysées, View of Arc de Triomphe, View of Eiffel Tower

Meeting Point: At Exit Metro Station Cité (line 4)
Duration: 2.5hs
Starting Time Options: 10am
Days: Daily
Includes: Tour Guide, a brief restroom/ snack break


18 years of age or older


Between 10 - 17 years of age


Between 0 - 9 years of age

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  • karynrc
    BELEN, ILIA and LILY were very gracious, extremely nice people and amazing guides on top of that! Thank you for a wonderful experience in Paris. <3

  • Gerar S
    I have take the tour in Paris with Babylon Tours and it was great! they showed me places that i didnt know they exist (it was my 3rd time in Paris). They gave me very good recomendations about were to have lunch or about where to go out at night. I serously recomend the tour, besides the price is great!! Gerar.-

  • Poohparis
    Ive been living in paris for over 12 years and thiught i knew just about all there is to know. But when I had friends visiting from back home, coming to paris for the first time. I realized its been so long since I had done anything close to touristy and felt lost trying to plan a superb first time visit to my city! I was recommended this walking tour by a friend in tourism as the perfect, simple and low cost way to discover Paris and prepare you for your trip (plans , museums, activities & very helpful info and insights). I cant thank him enough. At first i wasnt even going to join along, but am soooo happy I did. Our guide Tom litterally showed me and teached me of a Paris I never new. Secrets, history, legends, I was totally blown away and my friends called ME the hero of the trip! All thanks to our great walking tours (2 infact) with Tom another expat who will make you lelt for Paris just as i did years ago, and now all over again!!! Highly reccomend Babylon tours (with Tom if you can get him!!! )

  • Gaitlyn K
    I loved this tour my friend reccomended it and i was so glad she did!!! A must do right when you get to paris Merci!!!

  • Princeofbk
    Just got back from my Paris city crash course! Babylon was recommended to me at my hotel ibis lobby and I can see why now. A walking tour seemed like a great idea since I was underwhelmed with the hop on / off bus thing in other cities. I was right. Nothing beats an actual human guide especially if they are young fun and interesting at the same time! The 3 hour tour was just enough to get an idea o what this city has onto offer and how amazing it actually is! I would be lost without the knowledge I gained today and I can't wait to see all I have planned out with the help from my guide Tom. I hope I can fit it all in :) at least it will be fun to try! Thanks to Babylon and my wondeful paris expert TOM!