Paris Adventures

Paris is a magical city that you should see at least once in your lifetime. There are so many lovely places to visit, that you’ll need more than a few days (even a few weeks) to see the main parts of the city. There are always new attractions, cafes, and new markets to explore. The loveliness is never ending. The best way to see Paris is to simply just walk around. You can walk down the Champs-Elysees through the Jardin des Tuilleries checking out the Arc de Triomph, and then stop to admire the Louvre before continuing down Rue Rivoli and crossing into the original part of the city. After this you must see the Notre Dame and see the amazing Gothic Church. The Bell Tower is just beautiful. Make sure to get there early to avoid the long lines. A cool place to check out is the underground Roman ruins and the Saint-Chapelle Church. There are extremely beautiful stained glass windows that just shine with life.

The Latin Quarter in Paris is just waiting for you to walk through it; the area is full of tourists but if you go off of the main trail, you’ll find it is a wonderful place to check out. You will end up in a labyrinth of alleys and café-lined squares that are far from tourist hangouts. It is a fun place to get lost in and just explore. Be sure to visit the Pantheon before heading towards the Jardin du Luxembourg, where you can just relax and people watch. After you are done relaxing you can go head north to see Saint Sulplice. You will find a ton of cool hidden meanings and codes just like in The Da Vinci Code. It is a grand place to see. In Paris you will find a ton of Cafes to get yummy food and drinks. There are an endless amount of those. The food is something out of a movie. Your taste buds will be happy you stopped in at one of the local shops. You won’t be bored in this magical city of wonder and excitement. Meet some locals and enjoy your day here in Paris. The city awaits you.

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