A Day in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of history, and if you are one for learning about culture then this city will surely suit your curiosity. If you’ve never been to the Anne Frank House, then you should definitely take an hour or two to see the history behind Anne Frank’s life, and what she has written in her diary. It’s beautiful and special. You will learn about the past, and see what it was like for the Jewish people to suffer more than you could imagine. It will definitely put life into perspective a bit. You can book tickets months in advance so you won’t have to wait in any lines, or you can just got really early in the morning to avoid the bigger lines. While you are wandering around the city, you will find The Jordaan area, which is a heavily residential area that was once a working-class neighborhood that turned hip. Many people miss this part of the town even though it’s right near the city center. There are a ton of restaurants, shops, and cafes. It’s super peaceful, and an amazing place to wander through. You can find some pretty unique food in this area as well.

There’s a room inside of a tulip shop called “The Tulip Museum.” It’s a museum in a basement that tells the history of tulips in Holland and the infamous tulip craze in Amsterdam. There’s never really a crown, and it is super cheap to visit. It’s quite exquisite, and smells lovely. If you’d like to understand the history of Amsterdam in its entirety, then the Amsterdam History Museum is the place for you to be. It’s pretty big, and you may need at least 3 hours to explore the whole thing in detail. There are many maps, paintings, relics, and audiovisual displays throughout the museum. It’s been known to be one of the best museums in Amsterdam. Be sure to give it a bit of your time. You will be glad you did. An interesting tourist attraction that gets a ton of adult visitors is the Red Light District. It manages to balance sex and destitution with being a major tourist attraction. During the day, it’s actually a quiet place, but at night, the area becomes flushed with drunk, gawking tourists moving slowly down the streets as they stare at the girls in the window while going from bar to bar and coffee shop to coffee shop. It’s definitely a place to see and experience for just a brief amount of time. Take a day to enjoy what’s around you. You will learn something new and interesting.


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