Magical London

London City Tour Westminster Guided Tour

Let London help you fall in love with its beauty! This city is filled with some of the largest and most popular parks. It has the perfect amount of green spaces for a lazy afternoon picnic. Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, and Kensington are a few of the more popular parks around. London has these sleek and luxurious black cabs so you can ride in style; you have to book them in advance, but it is so worth it. Being a shopaholic in London will never get boring because there are a wide range of markets in every corner of the town that sell an array of products offering everything from higher budget to low. Borough, Camden, and Spitialfields are a few of the main markets to check out. The city celebrates all festivities and events together with a huge festive spirit. Londoners love to celebrate anything; the Royal Wedding of William and Kate was mind blowing. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are two of the biggest extravaganzas during the year. Seeing them will leave a smile on your face for months to come. The enthusiasm and excitement seen around town is such a delight.

The city of London is an excellent place for educational opportunities; it endorses more than 43 universities and renowned institutions. Central St. Martins and the London College of Fashion are based there. You will surely love the educational system in place. The city isn’t as expensive as it seems; it may appear very expensive but it’s just not true. There are always other solutions that won’t make you go broke. There are many museums without an entry fee where you can get to see huge collections of classical and modern art. The quality of service around London is also exquisite. They love tourists. You can shop at the city’s markets that sell odd and superb things alike. There are also great free comedy shows to see at night which are performed all over the city. There is never a dull moment. Enjoy it.

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