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A walking tour will be memorable in any city, especially Paris. The Latin Quarter walking tour takes the tourists through the heart of the city, allowing them to understand more about the history of Paris. This walking tour covers everything, from the Roman ruins to the great intellectuals who lived in the country of France. It is from the Roman ruins that the city of Paris emerged before centuries and their remains continue to be one of the most popular sites in Paris.

The Latin Quarter walking tour explores the much-famed areas of the city. The area has been an interesting place for students for more than a thousand years and it could possibly be the single greatest source of artistic inspiration across the world. The Latin Quarter houses many world famous works from Picasso to Woody Allen and Jack Kerouac, and from Hemingway to Cyrano de Bergerac.

Usually, walking tour members meet at the Notre Dame and cross the river to the Sorbonne University. From there, the group will move to Pantheon and Luxembourg gardens. The Latin Quarter walking tour may end at spots near the Pantheon. However, the ending spot depends on the particular interests of the participants in the tour.

The Latin Quarter tour is a true exploration of old Paris and modern day Paris. In the course of the tour, you will run into winding streets and magnificent cafes, and enjoy the exquisite experience the place offers. A guided walking tour will offer a good insight on how Paris has changed over the years.

Highlights of Latin Quarter Tour
• Sorbonne University, Luxembourg Gardens and Pantheon
• Elegant café terraces and student drinking holes
• The haunts of the Unicorn, Italy’s Dante Alighieri, and Cyrano de Bergerac
• Place de la Sorbonne
• Photo opportunity galore – this offers an unconventional view of the Eiffel tower

These are some of the important highlights of the Latin Quarter tour, which make it a tour worth participating. Everyone who is over eighteen years of age is allowed to take part in this tour to explore the bohemian student cafés, casual Parisian fashion, and the history-filled alleys.

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