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Amsterdam is one of the most open-minded places on earth; Babylon City Tours can help you find out just how much fun you can have in this wonderful city. There are so many thrills to have here; be sure to experience as many of them as you possibly can. Whether you live in Amsterdam or are just going to visit, make sure to make the most of your trip. One really amazing activity to try is climbing the Westertoren; it’s great for exercise and is the tallest and most beautiful tower in central Amsterdam. The views are incomparable. It was built in 1638 and is a sight to remember. It’s open to the public in the summertime. If you like a real thrill, go bungee jumping over the IJ at the new Crane Hotel. You will get to enjoy the view over the IJ for thirty minutes, and then it’s time to jump. Be excited! Amsterdam City Tours will take you to some pretty exciting places during your adventure, so bring your camera.

There are free concerts at the Concertgebouw; they have some of the best acoustics in the world. Summer is the best time to go; you won’t want to miss this beautiful experience. You may even fall for another traveler while abroad; travel leads to romance from the high of being abroad to a stranger’s accent and a shared passion of seeing the world. Make sure to make time for yourself too while on your adventure; you can take a nice bike trip to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. It’s a picturesque village that offers a 30-minute bike ride from the city center. It is surrounded by beautiful greenery. There is even a lovely restaurant to enjoy the view: Jaimie van Heije. Another nice place to see are the tulip fields around Harlem in April. You can take a nice bike ride around this magical place. By taking Amsterdam City Tours today, you will have the most wonderful trip of your life. Amsterdam is truly a place like no other.

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