Amsterdam Me Away Today

Take part in an awe inspired tour with Babylon City Tours; it’s not only informative, but the guides will share with you the best places to check out once the tour is finished. There is no better tour than Amsterdam City Tours when you want to check out the best sites while in the city. If you’re a museum enthusiast, than this tour is great for you; it’s a 5 hour private tour that shows you the most popular museums of art and culture. Discover the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum today for an easy-to-understand version of Amsterdam’s history. The Rijksmuseum carries some of Holland’s most celebrated artists, such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh of course. Get to know the pieces through Amsterdam City Tours; the tour will really send you away with a clear understanding of many of the famous artists to date. Make sure to have your camera ready to snap a few selfies.

When the tour is finished, have a little Amsterdam fun; check out Jordaan (Amsterdam’s bohemian neighborhood). There is a legendary cheese shop that you must check out: De Kaaskamer. If you are craving a little beach time, go to Blijburg; it’s an artificially created city beach just outside Amsterdam. The atmosphere is very laidback with a bit of a hippie vibe throughout. Flea markets are a must see while in the city; go to the Albert Cyup Market. There is everything from chocolate to bedding to flowers. Sample at your leisure; the locals want you to enjoy what they have to offer. There is a really unique Dutch liquorice that you must try while wandering the flea market. If you want to see Amsterdam’s lesser known neighborhoods, take the free ferry across the river; it’s the perfect excuse to head out of the city centre and head north. There is a lot of art and architecture to admire there. Have fun exploring.

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