Why your smartphone is your best travel buddy

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Do smartphones and technology, in general, do more harm than good in everyday life? It’s debatable. However, regardless of your beliefs about this topic, it is safe to say that during travel, if used wisely, a smartphone can be your best friend and sometimes even a savior.

Here are few reasons why: 

1.Google maps. Who uses actual maps anymore? Not too many people; Google maps is an ultimate tool for every traveler. It’s a challenge to get lost when you have this feature and the good news is that it’s getting more precise and detailed every year. It can show you the fastest route to your destination, possible traffic, and roadblocks. If you have never used Google maps before and are planning to travel try it out in your hometown so you can get the feel of it. It will save you from making a wrong turn many times. Additionally, you don’t have to walk around with a huge map in your face trying to figure out the right direction. With decreasing roaming data prices and wifi available in every café or shop on the street using Google maps is getting even easier.

2.Photo camera. Goodbye fumbling with finding your camera in your bag and trying to juggle it with the other things you are holding in your hand. Your phone has one ready to go. You can even hype things up and buy a selfie stick and attachable lens for better quality pictures. Synchronize your phone to an online database and you’ll never run out of space. Newer phone cameras are so advanced that the quality of photos is stunning.   

3.Information center. Your phone is your very own information center. Check out websites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor and you’ll be flooded with information about places to check out as well as reviews in order to know what to expect beforehand.   

4.Booking. Need a last-minute reservation of hotel room, or a flight ticket? Download few apps and you’re good to go. Few clicks and you are already receiving reservation confirmation emails.

5. Uber and Lyft. Though not available in every country of the world, a lot of popular travel destinations have Uber and Lyft services. Why pay more for expensive cabs? Download the apps and get from A to B fast, and most importantly without paying a fortune.

Remember, your phone should be your helper during your travels, not the main attraction. Sometimes it might be fun to turn it off and just get lost in the city. It is amazing how many things you will notice and discover without preplanning. Relax, if you happen to get lost, your phone is always there to save you.

If you are planning to stay for a longer time it makes sense to get a local sim card instead of using roaming. This will save you a lot of money. 

Happy Travels! And don’t forget the charger! 

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