Travel with Clarity

Travel with clarity by knowing you can do anything you set your mind to, and then going for it. If you are going to travel alone, you’re going to want to keep busy with activities or with meeting new people along your route. There are simple and easy ways to accomplish this task. For one, you could join a pub crawl. They are usually led by some local party animals that know the best places to party, and they will welcome you with open arms. If you can’t seem to find a pub crawl to join in the country that you are in, just look up online “pub crawl” and the name of the city of where you are staying. It’s very cheap to join this group, and it will surely help you get accustomed to the city. You can also take part in fun excursions and tours. So many cities will offer free tours. You will definitely meet lots of new people, as you’ll be spending time with these strangers for hours. Maybe you will even make a new lifelong friend.

Making friends with your friend’s friends is a good idea. If your friend knows someone in the city that you will be staying in, ask them if they can put you both in touch. That way you’ll have some insight on the city you wish to visit. Seeking out locals with similar interests is key. If you like to dance, try looking up “dance schools.” Maybe you love to cook; there must be a ‘chef club’ around there somewhere. There is even a ‘meetup’ website all around the world to connect different people with each other for cool events nearby. Taking a class would be great for you. It can range anywhere from a pottery class to a bird house building class. The options are endless, and you’ll make new friends in the process. Volunteering is great to do while abroad; it will make you feel great. If traveling alone still seems too scary, then find a travel buddy. Ask your friends if they’d like to join you on a special adventure, and see where that gets you. The answer will always be “no” if you never ask the question. Enjoy your trip.

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