Travel and Travel Hard!

For those of you that love to travel, there are a few non set rules that might help you on your adventures. For one, if you don’t have the best memory, try taking notes in a journal. It will be a really nice thing to look back at as you grow older, as well as something to share with family and friends. You can write down the names of people you meet along your route, about interesting conversations you’ve had with others, what the town smelled like, or feelings about a new experience. The details may come in handy later on in life, or if you ever want to write a book about your amazing travels. Also try to challenge yourself a bit in the things that would normally give you anxiety. The more you attempt to do these certain things, the more the anxiety will fade away. Such as hiking to a really high altitude or eating a food you don’t recognize (as long as you aren’t allergic). It works well because traveling is already so different, so adding one more new or uncomfortable experience isn’t that weird. It will make you a stronger person overall.

When it comes to traveling, there are no set rules on how long you need to be in one country or city. Go with your gut on this one. Just don’t rush it, or you may miss out on something great. Try picking a starting point with one or two must-do activities, and possibly an ending point so you can go onto the next adventure after that. You don’t need to pack too much, and if you aren’t sure about something you need to pack, then just don’t bring it. You can always pick up some much needed things along the way just in case. Enjoy your travels as much as possible. It’s a pretty amazing thing to be able to do. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere incredible, take it!

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