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Amsterdam is famous for many attractions, but they can get much busy at peak times. So if you wanted to skip the queues and experience the highlights of the city more admirably, make sure you follow the below tips to the word.

Pre-Book your Tickets

It is great to wander around the city and enjoy the attractions, but if you have the chance to pre-book the tickets for a museum, you can schedule the tour accordingly and avoid the long queues at the ticket booth. Even if there is a small queue at the pre-booked entrance area, it can be substantially shorter and much faster than the main one.

Many of the museums in Amsterdam also accept a digital ticket on your smartphone, so that your tour is made even lighter. Also, make sure that you take the IAmsterdam City Card with you, as it offers many special benefits to you, including free transport.

Choose your Time

Remember that many of the museums in Amsterdam do not stick to the normal routine of nine to five. For instance, the Van Gogh museum is open until 10:00 p.m. every Friday.
You can arrive at the museum around five in the evening, as crowds usually go for dinner in the evening. This way, you can have more time to enjoy the work of art in the museum. Here too, you can make use of the IAmsterdam City Card to skip the waiting queue.

The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum was reopened after refurbishment in 2013 and the crowds are still flowing to check it out. As per the records of the museum, the months of April, May, and August are very busy, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays being the most popular days.

Waiting times can be around thirty minutes for these days, so it is good to arrive in time for opening (at 09:00 am) or at end of afternoon (at 03:00 pm). You can also get in touch with a travel agency for a private Rijksmuseum tour.

Anne Frank’s World

The story of Anne Frank is famous over the world and so there is much demand to see the canal side property where the girl was hidden during the war. It is very common to see queues that stretch around the block throughout the year, and the waiting times can go up to two hours at peak times.

Again, it would be good to buy your tickets in advance. However, remember that there are only a few tickets available online each day. So you may need to book your tickets at least two months before your visit.

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