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You’re an explorer at heart, but you also don’t want to run out of money. There is a simple solution to that: work a job that allows you to travel. You’ll be able to see new cities and explore places you never thought possible. If you have the right skills, then you can get a proper job that will pay you to work and travel to interesting places. If you are good at sales, being a sales representative could be the perfect fit for you; territory-based sales representative’s travels within a certain geographic region to sell their company’s products to government agencies, local businesses, and other organizations. Most of these jobs are commission based, so being really good at your job is key. You can always try being a roadie/stagehand. Theater productions and musicians go on tour all of the time and they take a ton of roadies with them. You can even search for this kind of job on the International Alliance of Theater Stage Employees union website. You may just find a really amazing gig.

If you enjoy the medical field and don’t mind going to school to be a nurse, then you may want to check out the job of a traveling nurse; they move around the country from hospital to hospital, bouncing around from a temporary position to the next. They are never bored. They are sent where the demand is needed most, and all of your travel expenses, housing, and benefits are generally covered. A travel writer is a great job if you’re good enough to get paid to share your opinions. You may land a full-time freelance position writing about your travels. Freelancer.com is a place to check out for freelance travel bloggers listed. For all of those that like to drive, you can apply to be a truck driver. Long-haul trucking is an ideal job for those that prefer the open road to an office cubicle. You will need a commercial driver’s license to start working in this field, but you will get to travel and explore different cities along the way of getting paid. Find the job that suits your needs best, and find a way to really explore your traveler’s heart.

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