Spending Time in Amsterdam

Visit the beautiful Amsterdam to view all of its loveliness. There are many great activities to keep you occupied all day long. One thing you can do to really see the city is to get a bike for the day. Amsterdam is literally known for people riding bikes. They are everywhere. You will fit right in with the locals. There may just be more bikes than people in Amsterdam. That’s how much the city loves bikes. Seeing Amsterdam’s surroundings while riding a bike will be just breathtaking. It’s a great way to get exercise and see everything at your own pace. Mike’s Bike Tours is one of the best companies to use in Amsterdam whether you go on a tour with them or just rent the bike on your own to go exploring. If you’re a photography lover, make sure to stop by to the Foam museum. The exhibitions are constantly changing so it will be a lovely surprise each time you go. There are many amazing pieces in there. They have a beautiful outdoor garden too. It’s a small museum, but really nice to see.

Learn a bit of history and go check out the Jewish Historical Museum. It tells the history of the Jews’ prominent and influential position in Amsterdam, The exhibition of World War II does an amazing job of highlighting Dutch complacency, resistance, and guilt over the Holocaust. It’s quite the history lesson here. If you’d like to just sit around and relax, you can go just east of the main city to Oosterpark where it’s a big beautiful green space full of relaxation. It’s about a 30-minute walk from the city center, but even faster if you are riding your bike. It is just the place to be if you’d like to get away from the crowds in the main city. After relaxing, you can wander around a bit more and visit a place called Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, which means “Our Lord in the Attic.” It is one of the most interesting churches in the city that many people like to visit. It’s hidden inside a 17th-century canal house, and was built during Protestant rule. It was really out of sight often from the authorities even though it was never a secret. There is a drawing room that is quite beautiful, and the furnishings make it one of the best 17th-century rooms left. Have fun in this city. There are endless amounts of joy to be had, and history to be learned.

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