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If you’re a traveler, then you know that there are certain times that traveling is easier to do. If you want to have the best time traveling, maybe try to go during the off season time. This way you can avoid crowds. You won’t have to wait in hour long lines to see the Vatican, or be swamped with hoards of people around the Eiffel Tower. When you travel during the off season, it will give you a break from the relentless crowds that otherwise crowd these popular sites during the summer seasons. You will also get extra low prices. When traveling during the popular seasons, you end up paying almost double the standard rate. Flights and restaurants tend to be a lot cheaper in the off season because vendors are struggling to fill those seats, and bring people into their businesses. This is literally the best time to see that expensive destination you have been dreaming about but could never afford to go to. You may even get a hotel room upgrade because there are so many rooms available. That sure sounds like fun.

Traveling during the off season really lets you enjoy the genuine travelers because you will find more people traveling off the beaten path, getting to know the area and location better than your average tourist. Get a chance to be around more-like minded travelers. Because the places you travel to off season tend to be pretty exclusive, it really puts people more at ease, and there is a general more relaxed feeling in the air. The locals will actually be much more friendly and accepting as well because there aren’t crowds of people swarming the city. You can really enjoy a richer experience with the local people with the relaxation that the fall and winter months bring. If you’d like to have more flexibility with your travels, then go set off to a new location during the off season so you can find more vacant hotel rooms, and can even book the night before. This is a great idea for someone that likes to ‘wing it’ a lot when traveling. There won’t be any restrictions on when and where you must go while you’re exploring. It’s just a win-win here. Safe travels.



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