Paris Suits You

Paris Tour Montmartre Sacré-Cœur Guided Tour

Paris is well known for being the City of Lights as well as a city that keeps its doors open much longer. You will see French people eating very late, even as late as 10pm. There is a time of day where you sit down with your friends over Campari and discuss politics, and it’s called “Aperitif.” If you want to fit right in with the Parisians, make sure to sit outside a café on nice day snacking away on anything just to hold you over until dinner, which will be pretty late if you live in Paris. You’ll want to find a good café that you feel comfortable at; one that is an authentic French place which doesn’t cater to tourists, otherwise you’ll be charged more money for poorer service. A France newbie doesn’t always know what to expect when visiting, and the Parisians know that, and may exploit your cluelessness, so be sure to act more French without standing out too much in order to get treated like a local. You’ll love it!

When in Paris, and you want high quality food; make sure to avoid the touristy areas where they have their menus in many different languages with hundreds of items on it, because the food is usually pre-made or frozen. Incredible French food does exist there; you just need to look for the Parisians all gathered in one place. To show you’re sophisticated at the café, have a copy of Le Monde folded up beside you. It’s accepted as good journalism. San Pellegrino is Paris’ water. Parisians will think you’re cool for paying an extra 2 Euros just to make your water bubbly. Sushi is also very popular as well as hip and healthy. To really act Parisian when taking the Metro, make sure to not get off at touristy stops such as Saint-Michel Notre Dame or Louvre. Beside for that, taking the Metro is a very French thing to do. When roaming the Paris streets make sure to never look lost even if you are; walk with a purpose and you will fit in well. Most locals won’t use the crosswalks because true Parisians have no business waiting for the green walking man to show up to grant us special liberties. Make sure to always look out for cars, because they won’t stop for you if you just wander at your own risk. Stop looking like a tourist and start enjoying Paris the way it’s meant to be. When in Paris do as the Parisians do. Enjoy.

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