Paris is Waiting for You

A day is Paris is never enough. This beautiful city awaits your arrival. Spend many moments capturing the beauty of this magical place any time of the year. Try taking a full day to visit the Palace of Versailles. It’s located just outside the city, and you will need to take a train to get there. It is quite the adventure. You’ll get to spend the day exploring the chateau, and get lost in the surrounding gardens. Marie Antoinette’s estate is right there too. It features a fake peasant village which is pretty neat to see. Versailles is definitely a place you don’t want to rush; just enjoy it. The gardens don’t charge on the weekdays to see them, so that is a better time to go, as well as a way to avoid crowds. If you like to have picnics and people watch, then sitting by the Eiffel Tower is just the place for you. If you get there in the morning, you will avoid more of the crowd; it’s just beautiful and exquisite to see.

A really great place to go right next to the Eiffel Tower is called ‘Rue Cler.’ This street is filled with good Parisian eateries where you’ll find incredible cheese, meat, bread, vegetables, and chocolate stores to explore for hours. It’s just delightful. If you are ever curious about how Paris functions, there is an actual tour that lets you do just that. It’s called the ‘Paris Sewer Tour.’ It’s a total off-the-beaten-path attraction, and people that go on this tour get to learn about the interesting history of Paris’ sewer system. It doesn’t smell too bad down there. There is a museum called ‘The Museum of the Shoah (aka The Holocaust Museum),’ and it is a just a beautiful and detailed exhibit about the Holocaust. It is definitely a place you should check out if you are interesting in learning about the past. Paris has so much to offer. You can spend days, or even weeks exploring it, and will still have leftover adventures to dive into. It’s here waiting for you.

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