Paris Hear Me Roar

Paris adventures await you! From the beauty of the city to the yummy food to the exciting tours; there is always something magical that will put a smile on your face. You will not be disappointed when you visit this lovely city. Make sure to savor every moment. Be sure to try a Laduree’s macaroon; they are delicious, but Pierre’s pastries are even more exquisite. If you want to eat like the star Lenny Kravitz, try the best falafel at L’As Du Fallafel. When thinking of what to possibly do in Paris, head to a café. There are literally hundreds of cafes and wine bars where you can get a drink, smoke, or just talk with strangers about anything. Maybe you just want to dance; at the Grand Boulevard and Pigalle are amazing destinations when it comes to the big nightclub scenes. If you require a fancy place, try the Rex Club. Paris is super versatile and romantic, so if you’re in the mood for a nice meal and carriage ride, be sure to seek that out. Your soul will be happy.

Picnics are great! Hang out by the Canal Saint-Martin where all the young and hop people gather along the locks and bridges of the canal. It’s breathtaking and wonderful. You can legally drink alcohol in public, so feel free to bring a nice bottle of wine on your adventure. Going on a Seine bar crawl is really fun; you will see the central river, and be able to walk along the many bridges around the city. It will allow you to really see and enjoy the city. Fitting into Paris will be really great if you want to chat with the locals. Learning a little bit of their language will really give you some action in the city. Locals love when you put effort in, so try taking a class or two before your visit. Make sure to say “bonjour” or “au revoir” to people that help you throughout the day. Those little words will go a long way. Enjoy the city for all its beauty

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