Hello London

The beautiful London awaits your arrival. If you’re really into seeing fantastic views, then you will definitely find London’s skyline to be a heavenly sight. One of the cheapest ways to view this skyline is from one of the parks around the edge of the city. Some of the best viewpoints are from Alexandra Palace, Primrose Hill, and the top of Hampstead Heath in the north, as well as Richmond and Greenwich parks in the south. There is a roof terrace on top of the ‘One New Change’ shopping centre which overlooks St. Paul’s Cathedral. It’s quite breathtaking. There are endless amounts of cool spots to view the city. Just ask the locals, and they will be sure to point you to the highest direction so you can see really amazing views of the city.

London has some incredible food choices around the city. If you go exploring Chinatown, Kingsland Road, Brick Lane, or Southhall, you will find anything from Vietnamese to Indian food. You will definitely be impressed. There are a ton of restaurants offering discounts, so keep your eye out. The Borough Market that’s open from Monday to Saturday is a wonderful place to check out. There are many others around, and you can even try some lovely samples of what they are selling. These places sell foods that you can create a nice picnic for on a day with great weather. It’s wonderful if you want to plan a date with that special someone.

If you want to travel around London on a budget, the best thing to do is get an ‘Oyster card.’ They sell them at the tube station, or you can order one online in advance to your trip. You save more than half of every fare if you purchase more fares at once. It’s a great deal. If you are taking a short journey, it’s much cheaper to take the bus over the tube, and you’ll get a much better view as well. Try taking a boat tour along the Thames using the Thames Clipper river boat service. It runs along the scenic stretch of river from the London Eye to Greenwich. If you have an Oyster card, you get discounts on this boat tour. If you’re feeling more energetic, then you can try renting a bike for super cheap, and you can have the bike for 24 hours from ‘Santander Cycles.’ You can get around much easier this way. There are so many fun places to check out in London. Have fun exploring.

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