Some of the Harder Parts of Traveling for a Year

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When you travel for a year, you get to see the world, meet new people, fall in love, try new things, visit extraordinary places, learn about so many other cultures, but then it’s all over! The biggest thing you used to talk about was leaving on a new adventure, but coming home after your trip needs to end isn’t usually something people think about. It comes before you know it, so enjoy your adventure as hard and as much as you can so you don’t miss a thing. While away, there are many things talked about like making real friends, staying safe, learning social norms, and finding a job. These however are things you get through especially when you are on a complete adventure high. Goodbyes are going to be super difficult even though you know they are coming when you have to purchase a plane ticket home. You will get through that sad feeling because you know you have a reunion awaiting you at home. Once there, you reminisce and catch up with family and friends for about two weeks, and you’re like an actor in Hollywood for all that time. It can be super exciting, but then it goes away. You aren’t that super shiny object anymore that you enjoyed being so much. People get used to you being home and ask why you haven’t gotten a job or dating anyone yet. You may even realize as you sit in your childhood bedroom thinking, that nothing has even changed.

You’re glad everyone around you is happy and healthy, but a big part of you is screaming “don’t you see how much I have changed?” Not in the appearance sense, but about what’s going on in your head; the way you perceive people differently, the habits you’ve lost, how your dreams have changed, and the new things that are now important to you. You need people to recognize all of that in you, but sometimes it is extremely difficult to describe the way you soul has evolved and been enlightened from you leaving everything behind to force yourself into a new and scary environment on your own. You yourself know how different you feel though. You may feel lost or angry, and maybe have moments where you feel like that whole year away wasn’t even worth it because nothing feels like it changed, but you realize that it was worth it because it was the only thing that you’ve done that really did change everything. Letting others know how you feel after a year of traveling is almost like learning a new language that no one around you speaks, and there is no way to communicate to them how you really feel. That shouldn’t matter! Your travels are worth it; just because people don’t notice the change you feel inside of yourself, doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have the most amazing and incredible life right now! Don’t give up on your dreams, create your own reality if you have to, and fight for your love of traveling. If you have a chance to travel, take it. There is no better time to find yourself than right now.

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