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When traveling, there are always ways to make your time go along faster and more pleasantly. During the plane ride, there are some good things to know while you are on your way to your lovely destination. For one, make sure to wear warm clothes on the plane, also try wearing a hooded sweatshirt because it helps drown out the noise and light around you if you want to sleep (a window seat, eye blinds, ear plugs, and a nice pillow will help you do this as well); the planes tend to keep the air on, so it might get a bit chilly. It’s always better to be prepared rather than freezing the long ride there. If you have been blessed with the tall gene, make sure to call the airline ahead of time to be able to sit in the rows with more leg room. If they don’t give you more room, then you can try removing all of the magazines from the front pouch or take off your shoes. If you are sitting in front of an emergency row, the seats will usually not recline, and the actual emergency exit rows have slightly narrower seats as well as a thinner cushion, which is not good for a long flight.

You can use your airline’s mobile app to optimize seat selection last minute. If you have trouble with the feeling of being high in the air or all the people’s noise around you while flying, a good set of noise cancelling head phones should do the trick. Always make sure to keep a two-prong headset adapter from the free sets they hand out because some planes still require that kind. If you’re ever on a fairly empty plane, try to avoid the emergency exit rows because they fill up fast and you won’t be able to lift the armrests there. You are much better off in a normal seat where nobody will sit next to you, especially a middle seat; people will often choose to sit in a different row if you do that (if you like to sit alone in relaxation). The best thing to remember is to always be nice to the plane staff and those around you; it will make your traveling much calmer and happier. Enjoy the trip.

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