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There is such a big difference between traveling for a week and traveling for months. You will definitely learn something new and see amazing things either way, but long-term travel is quite beautiful and life changing. One cool thing about traveling to a new place is that the weather may just be much better than what it is at home. If you choose a place to go to that has totally different weather than what you are used to, it may just put you in an amazing mood. Nothing is better than having lovely weather surrounded by a new place and great people. Long-term travel can also be much cheaper to live than what you are used to back in the U.S. There are so many inexpensive places to travel to around the globe. You can also find amazing deals depending on when you are traveling and what activities you decide to take part in. Most of the time it is just wonderful to wander around a new city and take in the beautiful views (which is all free).

When you end up staying in a new country longer than just a week or two, you end up immersing yourself in another language because you hear it more often, and may even start to pick up that new and cool language if you truly listen. It is much quicker to learn a language when you are surrounded by it. The locals will even appreciate this if you are really trying to communicate with them in their foreign tongue. It will make others smile, and you will be happy to have learned another beautiful language within a short amount of time. Being in another place surrounded by new culture is exciting and invigorating. Seeing new sights, eating new foods, and meeting new people will awaken your senses, stretch your intellect, and satisfy you in a way that you just can’t get at home. That is beautiful all on its own.

When you extend your trip, it is much easier to meet new friends that are also traveling long-term because people are just happier and open to new connections when traveling abroad for longer periods of time, and you would have something in common, and can even travel together. It is so much more relaxing to travel long-term over short-term because you’ll experience a whole new level of relaxation after a month or more away. That feeling can follow you for months after you get back home. When you decide to stay away for a long time, it can literally change your entire view of life. It will help you reevaluate what’s important to you in life. When you get away from the daily grind and intenseness of what your life may be like back home, you will be able to clear your head and see things in a new light. The magic and beauty you will discover is just enlightening.

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