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Have you ever just wanted to quit your job and travel the world? Well if you are ever looking for a cool job that allows you to travel, then you’re in luck! There are endless amounts of incredible jobs that you can have while on the road adventuring and seeing the world. You won’t even have to spend all your money while doing so if you have the right skill sets. You can definitely put yourself on a career path that allows you to frequently visit different locations as part of your job requirements. One career option to try would be an archaeologist; they travel the world to recover and preserve artifacts from past human cultures. You will be able to take extended trips for research projects and digs. You will need a degree or a Ph.D. in archaeology or anthropology, along with some fieldwork experience. It’s quite intriguing and exciting. If you love being around sports, then being an athletic recruiter could be the perfect fit for you. They are usually employed by colleges and professional sports organizations, and would travel to schools and sporting events across the country to scout up-and-coming talent. You will definitely need to know the game like the back of your hand, and well as the specific skills an athlete would need for certain positions on the team. Up for the challenge? Traveling and sports all in one is what it’s all about.

If you are great with numbers, then being an auditor could be the perfect job for you. They make their living examining the financial records and tax information of businesses around the country. They will get to spend a few weeks or more at each stop, and get to explore the land on their off time. If you have an accounting degree, check this job out. If you are great with kids, and want to travel, then being an Au pair would be great for you. Au pairs lives with a host family in a foreign country, and get to travel the world with them. You go where they go. It can be quite the adventure. You would be providing child care services like assisting with schoolwork and babysitting. Besides for getting free room and board, you would get a salary as well as be able to immerse yourself in another culture as an extended member of a family. Traveling is amazing. Having a job that lets you travel is even more amazing. Go explore your options.

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