A Few Days in Amsterdam

So you’re stopping in Amsterdam for a few days….there are many fun stops along your way that will surely put a smile on your face and make you feel right at home. At Hotel De Goudfazant they have excellent prices for a quality chic place. The ambiance and staff are just lovely. This trendy place provides a spectacular view over the river that you can watch the sunset. It’s very romantic when you want to eat and relax at the end of a long day. Make sure to check out Bocca; it’s a super hip and friendly place that’s great for studying, working, or even a nice little business or casual meeting. The coffee there is amazing, and the barista will give you a great recommendation if you ask for one.

If you are a guy trying to meet some ladies while out on the town, then Bar Spek may just be the perfect spot for you. The atmosphere is great, and the food is just delicious. The place is very lively and trendy. It’s a great place to hang out for a few hours. SkyLounge Amsterdam is also a great place for the same things. One thing they offer though is a breathtaking view of Amsterdam. Their cocktails and finger food are amazing, as well as live music from a d.j. keeping the sound set for a great ambiance. It’s just a stylish place to take a date and hang out for a while. You will definitely want to check out The Duchess; it’s set in a former bank building. The look is quite great. They have tasty sea bass carpaccio and duck with figs. Don’t forget to try the lemon pie. At the Cannibale Royale you will find delicious stakes served with watermelon. It’s a super hip place with a perfect ambiance for having a nice evening out with friends. If you’re looking for a young and hip place to go to while in Amsterdam, try Bakers & Roasters; their brunch is lovely, and the vibe is like a cool Brazilian feel. The food is definitely worth the wait. You will find so many lovely places to stop at while on your Amsterdam travels. Make sure to enjoy the scenery.

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