Traveling Tips: Flying in the USA.

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Traveling is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and often costly. Here are a few tips to take some of the financial burden of traveling out of the equation leaving only the sheer bliss of falling asleep on the airplane and waking up in a completely different place.

Obviously, there is a wonderful selection of flights through multiple travel sites that price match a broad variety of destinations.

A great way of saving money when flying within the United States (to one of our wonderful D.C tours for example) is flying on cheaper airlines such as Spirit or others.

Additionally, When picking your departure and arrival airports, open up Google Maps and see what airports are within a reasonable driving distance. For example, when flying out of Buffalo, NY, you can use Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, and Cleveland. A roundtrip ticket between Buffalo and Los Angeles costs half the price if you fly out of Cleveland. With a family of four or six people, that’s over $1,000 saved!

Unfortunately, the flip side of saving that money on your flight is being nickeled and dimed for every detail beyond your body and the clothing you are wearing.

You can Minimize these baggage fees by packing efficiently. Go to your local store and pick up a box of 2-gallon ziplock bags. Mark each bag with a different day of your travel, and fold one outfit into that day. Mark one, two, or three bags ‘Extra’ and each bag gets one complete optional outfit.

This will help you keep everything sorted, it will protect everything from weather/water damage, and at the beginning of each day abroad you can stuff the previous day’s laundry inside and the seal will keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty laundry.

This is also a great idea when traveling with multiple family members and keeping track of who’s pants belong to whom.

Speaking of pants, roll them up like this link will show you to save space and prevent wrinkles.