Travel as a Gift

As the holiday season is getting near everyone is starting to stash up on some gifts. Sadly, many of these gifts are added to the overflowing house clutter and never see the light of the day again. Most people already have more than enough things and ?stuff? than they need. 

This holiday season you can give the gift of memories and a good time or in other words, gift of travel. It does not have to be half way across the country and cost a fortune. Here are some tips which you can choose from: 

  1. Travel Gift Certificates. One of the problems with giving tickets or any other form of travel plans to a person as a gift is the risk that they might not fit well into their agenda. This risk will be eliminated if you give them a travel gift certificate. Many travel agencies sell them and they can be used for travel means such as hotel or airfare anytime.
  2. Passport. It might not sound appealing at first, but this is a very thoughtful and original gift. You can’t apply for a passport instead of someone else, however you can download the application form and put in an envelope together with the money needed to apply. 
  3. Travel Points. Like a gift certificate, this will allow the person to make his/her own plans. 
  4. Airbnb. You can rent a place just a drive away to treat someone to a change of scenery. If you live in the city, rent in the countryside and vice versa. 
  5. Camping. Wrap a tent and sleeping bag as a gift and go camping. It doesn’t have to be far, maybe even in your backyard. Set up a telescope and gaze at the stars. You will create precious memories. 
  6. Surprise Picnic. Wrap a handmade picnic invitation, set a date and take your friend or a family member on a picnic with food and games which you know they will enjoy.
  7. Local amusement. Rent a driver as a gift and set out to explore interesting places in your city where you would not go to otherwise. 
  8. House Swap. This can be fun, but be sure to use a safe website like Home Exchange.  Think about what exactly would the person in question enjoy the most and act accordingly. Travel is a gift which will surely create some memories. And what better can you give your loved ones than some good times and pleasant memories? 

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